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Topic A: The establishment of the New Taliban Regime

On the morning of the 10th of February, the committee of UNHCR and its presidents Helena Plata and Andres Aikomus welcomed their delegates with an amusing ice-breaker game. The representatives shared their names, delegation, and fun facts about themselves. This was an enjoyable opportunity for the delegates to know each other better as well as get to know their committee presidents.

As the debate started, the president proceeded to open the agenda and start the reading of the Opening Speeches. The delegation of China along with the delegation of Iran stood out in terms of their diplomatic and frank speeches, where they highlighted their roles in the Establishment of the new Taliban Regime in Afghanistan.

During the time yielded for the opening speeches, the delegation of NATO called out the problem and all the victims that have suffered from the refugee crisis. However, the delegation of the Taliban accentuates that there is no Refugee Crisis. Nonetheless, the delegation of NATO took initiative to quote a real-life story from a victim of a refugee from Afghanistan where a 12-year-old had to flee this country on his own. With this, the delegation of NATO made a call for help to all delegations: We need to stop the Taliban Regime in order to help the newer generations from becoming refugees of war.

The delegation of Germany along with the delegation of Pakistan strictly considers that the delegations present should be concerned about the problem which is the ignorance of the delegation of Taliban regarding the current refugee crisis. This caused a great arising for the delegation of Taliban, as they strictly impose that they do not believe refugees are a problem in Afghanistan as the delegation believes citizens of the country must be treated as immigrants and not refugees: “Citizens are free to leave the country if they do not like the rules”.

For now, the delegations continue to state their point of view on facing the Refugee Crisis and state their proposals to diminish the number of Afghani refugees.

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