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CNGMUN XLII Days 2/3 -Crisis- The road to peace

The second day of Crisis ended with an alliance has been established between the United States, The United Kingdom, The Arab league, Israel, and the non-profit organization Stand With Us. The very tedious debate discussing the most prominent world-problem today brought a shift in alliances and various back and forth conflict which included the bombarding of the US embassy on Israel and the death of over 66,000 Palestine peoples. Regarding the Hamas power struggle, despite their alliance between Lebanon, Palestine, and China. Hamas has come to accept peace and prosperity with a prospect of demilitarization. The second day was definitely a very hot and riveting debate, with various crisis' and alliance changes. Interventions from Hamas hostages, various press releases and important historical interventions rose and stirred up the ongoing debate. 

Annex 1.1.1 was passed, and it included, that The US and the UK will have military bases in both Israel and Gaza helping ease tensions between groups. Israel will send their intelligence agency to supervise activity and potential threats coming from the Gaza Strip. And the Arab League will provide 400 tonnes of food for Palestinian refugees, in Palestine and Egypt. A peaceful and tranquil end to the fiery 3-day debate, what a relief for the Israeli and Palestinian people!

02/10/24. Escrito por L. Galofre.

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