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CNGMUN XLII Days 2/3 - Security Council: Crisis in Mali

The United Nations Security Council convened to address the escalating tensions surrounding the 2021 Mali Coup, with a particular focus on the involvement of the Wagner Group and its implications for regional stability.

The debate was ignited by the recent clashes between the Wagner Group and the Russian government for control, highlighting the complex geopolitical dynamics at play. Delegates found themselves divided between those advocating for military intervention against Mali's government and the Wagner Group, and those advocating for a diplomatic resolution to the crisis.

Leading the discussions were delegates from key stakeholders, including the Russian Federation, the Republic of Mali, the United States, and France. The divergent interests of these nations underscored the intricacies of the situation, with Russia's support for the Wagner Group aligning with its own strategic objectives.

As deliberations unfolded, it became evident that the Wagner Group, backed by Mali, held significant influence within the committee. This alliance posed a formidable challenge to the proponents of non-military solutions and underscored the urgency of finding a diplomatic resolution to prevent further escalation.

02/09/24. Escrito por L. Concha.

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