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CNGMUN XLII Days 2/3 - Senado - Ecopetrol and the 'Fenómeno del Niño'

The day two session at Senado De La Republica committee focused on the pressing issue of the Climate Crisis, shedding light on the complexities surrounding environmental policy and economic considerations in Colombia.

The debate was sparked by interventions from President Petro regarding climate issues, particularly in relation to ECOpetrol. Representatives from the Ministry of Environment, Ecopetrol, and the Vanti Group emphasized the importance of leveraging resources such as petroleum and natural gases for economic development.

However, the left-wing faction of the government voiced strong opposition, citing concerns about the negative environmental impact and public health consequences of such exploitation. They also expressed deep concerns regarding Colombian job security and unemployment rates.

Senado Hoy: In response to the escalating crisis, a state of economic, social, and environmental emergency was declared nationwide, prompted by the destabilizing effects of the El Niño phenomenon. Decrees were issued to suspend petroleum and mining activities, allocate resources for strengthened surveillance, and regulate economic activities affecting the environment.

The organizations accused of damaging the environment because of their extraction of fossil fuels retaliated and justified their actions by bringing up their role in the colombian economy, most specifically about the jobs they bring and their contribution to the economic growth of the country. Undoubtedly, their presence is vital to the foundations of Colombia and the lives of thousands of people and their families.

As the debate progressed, Ecopetrol and the Vanti Group weighed their options to minimize the decree's impact on their employees. Suggestions were made to challenge the decree based on the violated rights, particularly Article 25 concerning labor rights.

Amidst the deliberations, allegations against Susan Borreal for marijuana consumption surfaced, adding another layer of complexity to the proceedings.

A vote determined the decree would not pass, with contingency plans for a new proposal in case of its rejection.

The Committee remains committed to fostering dialogue and finding sustainable solutions to address the multifaceted challenges posed by the Climate Crisis and its implications on economic and social welfare in Colombia.

02/10/24. Escrito por M. Lacouture y L. García.

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