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Given the show of evidence regarding the topic of application of the convention on the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide presented by the defense, the dispute between the prosecution and defense continues. Defense attorney Hincapie has made it very clear throughout the moderated caucus that the Myanmar government has taken measures to prevent the genocide of the ethnic minority group: The Rohingya. The prosecution has slowly shown attentive care towards the smaller details that expose the little care that the Myanmar government has towards the protection of such minorities, therefore further augmenting towards proving the guiltiness of the Myanmar government regarding these genocides.

The presentation of evidence by the persecution was based on a witness. As described by the prosecution, she has been living in Myanmar, but as highlighted by the witness herself, she does not have a citizenship and has not been provided by the country’s government. The witness clarified that she has been physically and verbally abused by Myanmar military officials since an attack in her home village. The prosecution proceeded to ask about a more general view on these attacks, leading to a demonstration that these attacks have not only been aimed at one Rohingya member, but towards many members of the tribe.

The defense has also taken initiative to ask questions to the witness that prove the point of the Myanmar government being innocent, but the witness herself has disclosed that what she has experienced has probably been caused to other ethnic groups. However, this is said without being completely sure, and without further proof of it.

As the presidents were in a hurry, the session was temporarily ended and will resume during the third session tomorrow morning.

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