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ICJ DAY 2 - Session 3 (The Gambia v. Myanmar)

As the third session on the morning of May 14th began, the presidents of the International Court of Justice decided to continue the cross examination of the witness evidence of Mao. The Judges have taken action and started asking questions that will hopefully identify if the Myanmar government proves to be guilty or innocent. Questions such as identifying the Myanmar flag, asking about previous education and relationships with people with her town, specifically the witness’s murdered family have lead the judges to form a base opinion about the case.

The prosecution proceeded to make use of the floor to inform the committee that thanks to the evidence showed by the witness, the Myanmar has shown proof of being guilty for these genocides. The defense stood ground and made sure to exasperate the fact that the things said by the witness during the cross examination during yesterday’s session, quote “The witness mentioned yesterday that her town was not burned down, and today she is telling us that it was indeed burned down to ashes.” Therefore, the defense finds the witness completely unreliable. Some of the judges agree with the defense’s claim. The prosecution continues to emphasize that the witness could be indeed generalizing, but that doesn’t mean that the assaults her family has suffered have not been endured by other members of the Rohingya tribe around the country.

The defense has decided to bring a witness to the stand: a man named Mula who lives at the Bangladesh refugee camp. After an intense questioning from the Judges, and some amusing answers, the witness’s testimony became increasingly questionable, thus not being validated as reliable information towards the case.

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