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International Court of Justice Day 1 The Gambia v. Myanmar

The International Court of Justice began its proceedings promptly looking at the case of The Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide in the case of The Gambia v. Myanmar.

The prosecution was first to present their evidence in order to prove the genocide of the Muslim Rohingya people by Myanmar. They presented statements from the White House classifying Myanmar’s acts as those of Genocide. The US’s statement also included allegations that the countless rape, murder, and arson against the Rohingya people by Myanmar sought to eliminate

them. This evidence was then thoroughly overlooked and discussed by the judges.

The defense was next to provide their evidence, citing articles discussing armed Rohingya people within Myanmar attacking Hindu people. They used it as a base to show that the Rohingya people being displaced from Myanmar and to The Gambia are belligerent and harmful to Myanmar. This was also used to claim that the actions against the Rohingya people were not culturally motivated.

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