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Opening Ceremony Speech by Under Secretary-General Sarah Galindo

During the opening ceremony this Friday morning, the Under Secretary-General Sarah Galindo delivered a moving speech with the purpose of inspiring other delegates to have the confidence to participate in important events such as Model United Nations. Models such as CNGMUN gives younger generations the opportunity to explore alternative solutions to problematic situations. Sarah Galindo used a heartening analogy throughout her speech: a garden. She disclosed the idea that we all share a garden of knowledge, a garden in which we can plant seeds that will not only advocate and bolster the minds and hearts of coming generations, but also broaden their perspectives on certain international issues. Bringing together people from all parts of the world, each with different backgrounds to participate in such conferences, boosts the importance of having such “gardens”. Thanks to past participations, new members will be able to get inspired, build up their confidence and most importantly make a difference in the world.

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