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Security Council Day 2

Press release: Security Council

Date: 5/14/22

As tensions rise in Ukraine and Russia, they continue to argue over the person responsible for the war. As they exchange more accusations backed up by security surveillance of war crimes committed by the opposing sovereign countries, new blocks are created based on past alliances. Russia states that its only goal is to help return its powerful governments to full glory. However, more and more information is revealed about these territories, and soon after, a horrendous crisis occurred within the regions of Ukraine. Russia uses Chinese weaponry to bombard troops at the Ukraine border, killing 1,364 and injuring another 408 Polish, Ukraine, and NATO forces.

Russia tries to defend its actions for the crisis committed, stating that the number of people lossed is only a “microscopic” comparison while still keeping troops on the border and inside Ukrainian territory. The statement made by the country created strain and caused many nations, such as The United States, to accuse Russia of being inconsiderate of the loss of human lives. Belarus, however, does not share the same disagreements and stands by Russian support. China has a neutral stance because of its past relations with The United States and their economic ties. However, they cannot side with the nation because their weapons were used in the Russian border attack.

The crisis angers NATO. They begin to wish to help the Ukrainian people. They move a press release forward to assist with humanitarian aid toward Ukraine and want to add the country to The North Atlantic Treaty Organization for an intergovernmental military alliance; troops from many nations will be armed and on standby. Troops will be sent to the border and will only stand down when Russia removes its forces. If Russia does not remove its military forces, NATO has decided to attack the opposing adversary. The countries involved in the press release include The United States, Poland, The United Kingdom, and Ukraine.

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