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Security Council - Opening First Topic (Natalia Iriarte)

Topic A: Cyprus Dispute Between Greece and Turkey

Lebanon: does not support the way turkey claim land, due to that they did not follow international law

Turkey: Believes in the state sovereignty, for the state such as northern Cyprus and will do what it can to protect the Turkish population of Cyprus rights, which Turkey protects through its necessary means.

Angola: Respects the sovereignty of Cyprus, and call upon turkey to leave Cyprus territory

Greece: Believes that now citizens should carry a passport to travel inside their own country.

Other countries have similar ideas to one of these countries’ points of view.

The security Council is one of the six key institutions of the United Nations, founded in 1945 by the UN Charter. The security Council’s main objective is to maintain international order and peace. In this committee, the delegates will find solutions for Cyprus Dispute Between Greece and Turkey, Internal Armed Conflict, and Militias in the Democratic Republic of Congo. During today’s sessions, the committee started debating, on the topic A the Cyprus Dispute Between Greece and Turkey. Northern Cyprus was okay with Turkey’s presence on their territory, while other delegations believe Turkey should leave the territory. Based on this The two blocks were One with Northern Cyprus, Afghanistan, and Turkey, while the other Contained France, China Russia, Cyprus, Angola, and the rest of the committee. During this lobby time, the groups started working on their press realizes and working paper, and in the group with more countries there were an argument whether the US would be part of the block.

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