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The Weaponization of Social Media: Are Republicans Targeted Against?

The debate for Topic B in Bilderberg has been heated after the introduction of a crisis. The debate is revolving around the banning of certain figures, such as Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican politician. Sundar Pichai, owner of Alphabet, said that, regarding Republican officials being banned from social media sites, that the people banned, regardless of their political inclination, are the people that violate the guidelines of the platforms. Marjorie responded that social media is weaponized since democrats can use platforms such as Twitter to express their ideals, while republican candidates are not given those same circumstances. Sundar Pichai responded by saying that if democrats did the same they would also be banned from their website. Marjorie Taylor Green attacked that idea, and proposed that AOC, a non-republican, attacked governors by having allegedly posted that people that are associated with Trump should be blacklisted. Later, Zuckerberg supported Mr. Agrawal by saying that although AOC may have upset people, it does not qualify as “hate speech”, it technically does not incite violence.

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