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UNHCR: No End to Refugee Crisis in Sight

On the second day of discussion, the UNHCR resumed talks on the current refugee crisis in Europe, a product of the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Tensions were high as responsibility for the displacement of millions was not concrete as accusations were diverse from all parties involved. Although Russia is regarded as the entity behind the war, and has even been investigated for committing war crimes, the Russian Federation suggested that it was in fact Ukraine who was behind the recent bloodshed, even going as far as to suggest it was the one who had committed war crimes. When questioned on the matter, the delegation of Russia refused to elaborate on the matter.

As the morning developed, the USA voiced its support to send troops to Russia. In retaliation, Belarus voiced it would do the same, however, in support of the Russian Federation. Some feared the recent escalations could lead to a third World War.

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