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CNGMUN XL Opening Ceremony

Starting off this years CNGMUN we have our online opening ceremony. We began with some words from Secretary General, Isabella Duque, inviting delegates to take this time in order to truly reflect upon the issues that plague our world. This was then followed up by Under Secretary General, Sarah Galindo, who reminded the delegates of the importance of using MUN as a space to learn about our world and the politics that surround it.

As for guest speakers we had the distinguished honor to hear words from Former Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and UNCHR representative Daniela Camargo. Both of whom took their time to remind delegates about why we are here. The former president talked about the failures of the UN during times of war and encouraged delegates to try and avoid these mistakes that have been made in the past. On the other hand Daniela told delegates to remember that behind every issue discussed in each committee session there is people who are affected by it everyday, and as such delegates should focus on the humanity of their solutions.

Wrapping up we heard words from CNG Sponsor Santiago Arroyo and CNG High School Associate Principal Jesse Wagner. Mr. Arroyo challenged delegates with his speech bouncing off the comments from the former president telling delegates to "avoid the mediocrity of war" during their debate. Mr. Wagner took the opportunity to remind delegates that while they may be debating, they are doing so as a team working towards a solution. Because of this he encouraged delegates to grow and be inspired by each other during the model.

More details on each of our speakers can be found shortly on The Daily MUN Blog thanks for reading!

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