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CNGMUN XLII Day 3 - UNODC - Rehabilitation or punishment? About Bukele's policies in El Salvador.

Within the realm of prisoner rehabilitation discourse, opposing viewpoints arise. El Salvador, for instance, advocates for societal integration and community-oriented initiatives, whereas France emphasizes holistic approaches that incorporate employment and housing programs. However, Norway raises concerns regarding the treatment of detainees in El Salvador, alleging maltreatment and advocating for more humane practices. El Salvador is accused of hypocrisy by Russia, which grounds its accusation on apprehensions regarding the effectiveness of El Salvador's rehabilitation programs, specifically with regard to psychological well-being. In the interim, more extensive dialogues concern the complexities of human rights abuses and gang violence in El Salvador, which have prompted demands for systemic reform and underscored the criticality of tackling underlying concerns like mental health. As discussions escalate, nations such as Thailand and India put forth alternative strategies, advocating for the commencement of rehabilitation endeavors while incarcerated individuals are incarcerated and emphasizing the difficulties that await them after their release, including health concerns and unemployment.

Amid these discussions, diverse resolutions surface, with Russia and India engaging in collaboration to develop a personalized support strategy that centers on individualized rehabilitation. On the contrary, El Salvador upholds its dedication to its current system, placing significant emphasis on mobilizing the community to facilitate successful societal reintegration. While France, Norway, and other nations support their effective systems, the United States, despite its late entry into the discourse, underscores the significance of adhering to international laws and standards. As dialogues advance, conflicts arising from divergent perspectives on rehabilitation emphasize the necessity for a sophisticated methodology that takes into account the specific circumstances of each nation, all the while aiming for widespread compliance with human rights tenets and efficacious rehabilitation tactics.

02/10/24. Escrito por M. Fallembaum.

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