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CNGMUN XLII Days 2/3 - Asamblea General - The complexities of resolutions

In the General Assembly committee, the debate began addressing terrorist groups in the Middle East, Somalia, Palestine, and Egypt; With Germany and Israel leading the delegations. Through increasing tensions between two sides of the argument. The working papers showed Western powers allied and strong about their position in one side of the argument, However, the paper was overthrown due to serious technical issues. It was clear that the biggest issue being discussed in the committee was the current war in Israel and Palestine, and all the delegations were truly engaged with this debate, working to find by partisan peace. 

Day three 

The head of blocks for the current working paper one are UK, Egypt, and Spain. And for working paper two Cameroon, China, and Russia are heads of block. The voting will be grueling and tight, but the whole assembly is curious to find out who is going to be able to create the best background for a progressive approach to peace. The second paper has won! And which proposes creating a monetary fund to help African countries in need. The whole committee is very satisfied with the results and supports the decisions taken by the second paper heads.

02/10/24. Escrito por L. Galofre.

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