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Final veridict- ICJ



Having Considered the charter of the United Nations, the principles of customary and written international law, and the statutes of the CERD, the court in compliance with its rules of proceedings, its statutes and governing principles, has come to find that with regards to the case Qatar V The United Arab Emirates, the defendant is found to be acquitted on the charges of interference with marriage and choice of spouse, interference with free expression, and interference with medical treatment. The court finds the defendant, at the behest of law order and reason, to be guilty of interference with the right to work, impacts on the tenance of private property, and the lack of resort to legal recourse for government action. As such the actions undertaken by the UAE resulted in the violation of Article 4 of the CERD point (c):

Shall not permit public authorities or public institutions, national or local, to promote or incite racial discrimination.

Consequently presented grave damages to Qatari citizens residing in the UAE particularly with regards to their human rights related to accessibility to education, work, property, and legal resources. As such the court orders that the UAE abstains from participating in future actions of this kind and immediately complies with the previously established preliminary measures:

  • “ensure that (i) families that include a Qatari, separated by the measures adopted by the United Arab Emirates on 5 June 2017, are reunited; (ii) Qatari students affected by the measures adopted by the United Arab Emirates on 5 June 2017 are given the opportunity to complete their education in the United Arab Emirates or to obtain their educational records if they wish to continue their studies elsewhere; and (iii) Qataris affected by the measures adopted by the United Arab Emirates on 5 June 2017 are allowed access to tribunals and other judicial organs of the United Arab Emirates”.

The court also finds that the UAE must seek to immediately rectify its actions through material reparations to Qatari citizens where a need for them is found to be existent and monetary compensations that are coherent with the damages caused by the government policies of the UAE.

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