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UNHCR Day 1 Topic A: The Refugee Crisis in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

The committee began with a small icebreaker for delegates to become more acquainted with each other before the debate formally began. This was a great opportunity for delegates to ease tensions before getting into Topic A.

After this the debate began for the day. Accusations of violations of human rights came on strong from the start directed at the Russian delegation bringing up the numerous refugees that the current war has caused. The delegation was even accused of possibly seeking to rebuild the former glory of the Soviet Union in its attempt to gain sovereignty of the Ukrainian land and native Russian people within it. Accusations were also flung at the delegation of Ukraine claiming that the country was seeking to join NATO and westernize itself.

The conversation soon after went towards the refugees. Both the delegations of Russia and Belarus opened their borders to any Ukrainian refugees. The Belarus delegation specified that they wished these refugees were checked before entering the border ensuring they had not helped Ukraine in the armed conflict. Germany offered monetary resources in order to help build refugee camps to receive the refugees brought by this crisis.

In terms of borders and the sovereignty of these the Delegation of Poland made a proposal to hold votings in disputed territories such as those of Crimea and the ones found in Ukraine. After further debate and discussion the delegates began work on their working papers.

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